"Perfection isn't being perfect, but continuously striving towards it."

Johann Gottlieb Fichte

The enduring relationship between Leo Shoes and our local area is centred on the enhancement of the rich heritage of Salentinian workmanship available as well as the development and growth of the footwear industry and local economy.

In this spirit, our company is creating - with patience and determination – a network of small businesses of excellence, located entirely in their own area, and all of which revolve around a common ideal: that of restoring the time-honoured art of shoemaking in Salento to its former glory.

Therefore, Leo Shoes' partners can, in addition to their indispensably high quality, guarantee an extremely rapid response to every need that may arise, as well as allowing Leo Shoes itself a high level of control over production.

Our choice is aimed at supporting and providing impetus to an economic and social system with great potential for growth. Additionally, and pursued with dedication, our idea sees quality and efficiency as being able to create a genuinely worthwhile system of production which we support and in which we also have the utmost faith.

The Made in Italy brand is safeguarded and maintained at every step with our continuous monitoring of footwear quality throughout the production cycle. Each and every footwear model is created by an extremely specialised team in order to ensure the highest quality standards and a final product that has been rigorously monitored so that genuine quality and excellence can always be assured.

Our Style & Creation Department is the company's flagship – dedicated to creating every footwear model in accordance to our clients' individual needs, while at the same time considering the reference market and latest fashion trends. In this way, products are created that combine fashion, personalisation, quality of materials and originality of design.

Technical support is also offered for the development of exclusive ranges and for production of external collections.