"Quality means satisfying your client's needs and exceeding their expectations – forever improving."

William Edwards Deming

Leo Shoes' creations are gems of the Made in Italy brand and jewels of skilful workmanship that have even trod the illustrious red carpets of Hollywood and the catwalks of the world's top fashion houses.

International luxury fashion brands are choosing the excellence and creativity of Leo Shoes – a guarantee of style, quality and innovation.

Leo Shoes strongly recognises the importance of creating a collaborative environment in which there is the sharing of ideas and expectations, and in which the dynamics between client and producer are perfected through continuous and meaningful dialogue.

Harmony through sharing different points of view, endeavouring to meet every individual need by adapting according to the needs of the individual and at the same time maintaining a strong local and professional identity aimed at continual improvement – this is what is required in establishing a good working relationship. As a result, the production process can truly be deemed successful only once a common vision has been embraced and which becomes itself the foundation for achieving the final result.

The pursuit of perfection is a tireless process and one which is followed up on over time – all the while sustained by both ability and empathy.

In adopting this kind of approach, our company has won over and consolidated the trust of both Italian and foreign companies who truly represent excellence within the sector. According to our ethos, a beginning is merely an arrival point in a much wider process and which is firmly rooted in the ability to appreciate and evaluate our clients' every desire and aspiration. The actual production of footwear is therefore born out of a fusion of ideas, techniques and continuous scrutiny.

This is indeed a challenging task, however, it is one that we face in the awareness that the challenges that must be tackled every day will help our company and individuals grow. We say this with the firm conviction that the only challenges that are ever lost are those that are never faced.