Leo Shoes designs and manufactures footwear of excellence in a spirit dedicated to both renewal and expertise.

The distinctive features of Leo Shoes have always been style, design and workmanship – values that, since our founding in 2010 in Casarano (Province of Lecce), have made the company a paragon of excellence in terms of the Made in Italy brand in both the national and international markets

By being able to come up with and create unique, high quality footwear, thanks to the dynamism and skill of our high-level workforce, it has allowed us to develop a cutting-edge workshop of ideas and styles in which technology is at the service of tradition. Moreover, this has allowed us to be able to offer our complete support to many top footwear brands worldwide.

Leo Shoes produces Made in Italy shoes and is defined by a high quality of workmanship as well as meticulous attention to our clients' needs. We always listen to our customers and place them at the heart of our corporate vision – developing the technical and stylistic solutions needed so as to achieve the best results possible.

Our cutting-edge, efficient and structured production system can produce 10,000 pairs of shoes a day, and our workshop of over 650 fervent and skillful professionals work together in order to create unique and precious creations. This decisive combination of craftsmanship and innovation is what turns our clients' projects into reality.

Leo Shoes aims at maximum client satisfaction – with our wide-ranging and, at the same time, detailed service, our continuously dynamic workshop of ideas, a highly competitive value-for-money ratio alongside the spirit of Italian quality and prestige as well as a well-defined and high-level market orientation in which design, quality and workmanship along with the Made in Italy brand are considered fundamental in order to create a product of excellence.

Skillful workmanship, taste in fashion and a passion for innovation are the cornerstones of an organisation that works with the great names in the footwear industry and, moreover, an organisation that works with dedication, inventiveness and rigorous professionalism.